Was there a partnership and was anything owed to Dave?  
The following should clear it up.

8-26-2019 - Transcript of Judge Reinhart's Ruling
Two years ago a Magistrate judge believed that 50% of the BItcoin and IP was owed to Dave's estate, but this ruling needed to be overturned so a jury in Federal court could make the final determination.
pg. 75 - Unfortunately they never got to hear any of the Judge's findings.

"Dave and I arranged for the sale of around 500,000 BTC so that we could have access to core banking software."

2014 - Craig email to Ira
"I have spent the money. If you want, fight me and have a copy of software that will be of little use without the parts we have completed since."

"David Kleiman was my best friend and business partner."

"Dave owned 50% of a US company that controlled a Belize based trust. I have attached a little more of what we did together. We had several DHS research programs."
"Nobody involved with this wants to ever (even after death be known). The myth is more powerful than all of us combined. I want Dave’s family to know, but please understand, he would not have wanted the world knowing."
"The myth is a part of Dave’s legacy."

Craig's Ever-Changing Story about W&K Ownership

April 2, 2013 - Dave is listed as owning all the shares in W&K.
The vendor (Dave) is the owner of all issued shares in the company being ordinary class shares. Ownership is 50% in the vendor's name and 50% in trust held for the purchaser.
Vendor = Dave Kleiman of W&K Info Defense LLC
Purchaser = Craig Wright of Craigh Wright R&D
Company = W&K Info Defense LLC

Oct. 30, 2013 - Months later Craig says he owns 51% of the shares in W&K.

Nov. 6, 2013 - Days later Craig says he is the sole shareholder in W&K

April 16, 2018 - After filing my lawsuit Craig signs an affidavit claiming to have NEVER held any role or ownership in W&K.
"I have never been a director, member, shareholder, officer, employee, or representative of W&K or of any Florida business.

April 4, 2019 - Craig testified that he had no idea who owned W&K.
Q.   You have no idea who owns W&K?
A.    I do not know that.   If I do not own it, I do not care about it.
or https://casetext.com/case/kleiman-v-wright-1

June 28, 2019 - Two months later he swears to remember that his ex-wife received ownership in W&K when it was first established.
Q.   So -- so Lynn told you that she has shares in W&K?
A.   We were on the same phone call with Dave as the company was being constructed. We were on the same e-mails. So she didn't need to tell me. I had the communications between Dave and myself and her at the time. I saw all of this happening. And I communicated with Dave as he was filing the company.

May 8, 2020 - The story changes again. Craig claims to have given Lynn half of his W&K shares as part of a divorce agreement. But the divorce records obtained directly from Australian courts show that no such agreement existed. Instead the records state, unequivocally, that there were not any 'binding agreements... about family law... involving any of the parties.'

John Chesher - (Craig's authorized representative)
"W&K gave Craig Wright rights to the Bitcoins and he has used the Bitcoins to do all this stuff"

Wright:   I wanted to make sure that everything was totally legal and all the rest. Dave has other, he’s got an estate who Andrew has been dealing with and I wanted to make sure I didn’t rip off his estate and just go, “Ha ha, it’s my software". I wanted to make sure everything was done legally and above-board so that Dave's heirs get this software which was being more painfui than it should be.
O’Mahoney:   What was the value of that software?
Sommers:   Are you asking what's the
Wright:   The two tots, I think, were, it totals 56 million.

**Nothing was ever returned to "his estate".

O’Mahoney:   So how did it come to be that - are all the assets of the trust, they were originally sourced from you?
Wright:   And Dave.
O’Mahoney:   And David.
Wright:   Yes.

"Satoshi was a team.  Without the other part of the team, he died."

"I told Mark that the only way in which I would be able to finance the deal would be by paying in Bitcoin that Dave and I held."

"Dave and I had completed several papers and books and had a company together."

"Dave and I had a project in the US. He ran it there. We kept what we did secret.
The company he ran there mined Bitcoin. I do not believe there has been anything of this in the estate"

"The amount DK mined is far too large to email."

"I said we mined, not that I was SN to Patrick"

"the concept of a bitcoin exchange by which smart contracts would be connected. This is an idea that I had developed with my business partner David Kleiman (David) for a period of over a decade."
"I started developing smart contracts in 2007. Dave and I worked on this for a number of years up to 2011."

"Dave Kleiman and I started mining in 2009."
"It is a shame Dave died last year before fruition, but all is moving ahead."

"There was a trust set up to put a number of bitcoin that Dave was mining and everything like that into and maintain, the idea being that we would use that to further the goals we were doing, which were all to do with promotion of bitcoin and ciyptocurrenctes we have there."

"I had Dave mine the Bitcoin overseas and all it has cost is sunk. I cannot miss what I never have. I have never touched the Bitcoin we created in the OS trust and companies and what I care about is making something more."

"I was not the person doing the mining. Dave was."

"Dave compiled. He never just used binaries"

"We had worked on a number of patents together"

"I met Dave around 1999 first. We became friends in 2001."
"I started developing smart contracts in 2007. Dave and I worked on this for a number of years up to 2011."
page 4

"I have files of Dave’s that I cannot access now. These are TrueCrypt partitions. We held backups for the other, but no passwords. I cannot access these. If I cannot finds a key or a password on these, I do not believe that I can on yours."
(ex. 24 p. 7)
Dave's backup files were never returned.

"Dave was smarter than I was in some ways. He broke his wallets into many 50BTC sized addresses. I left several large addresses that are not easy to move without making the world notice.
Dave estate is only worth 12 million IF you want to cash out right now.
IF you stay, you get the value AND the shares."


Dave - Key part of invention

Craig Wright emails -

"Hello Louis,
Your son Dave and I are two of the three key people behind Bitcoin"
"Know also that Dave was a key part of an invention that will revolutionise the world"
Louis email
(ex. 23 p. 2)

Yes "the addresses are in my control now as a matter of fate and other circumstances.  David Reese and David Kleiman have both been essential parts of this project".

"Leave others to be Satoshi and leave Dave not to be.”

Craig Wright's Attorney:
“It is Dr. Wright’s position, your Honor, that Dave Kleiman assisted in editing the protocol related to Bitcoin”

“Bitcoin is at heart a cryptographic protocol.”

**At trial the defense told a different story. They essentially diminished Dave's role to that of a friend who was helping his brilliant pen pal edit a white paper.


‘We never really thought that “we made Satoshi,”’ Wright told me once. ‘It was good. It was done. It was cool. But I don’t think we realised how big it would be.’

‘If I’d come out originally as Satoshi without Dave, I don’t think it would have gone anywhere. I’ve had too many conversations with people who get annoyed because it’s me.’

"I spent more money on the project than Dave"
"Dave died, that was a worse day for me, because I lost a friend and a partner."

"Craig and I have put our entire life savings into this business, as did Dave"

Bob Radvanovsky deposition-
Q. Okay. Did they ask you -- ask you whether you thought Dave was Satoshi?
A. Yes.
Q. What was your response?
A. I said yes.


Craig Wright deposition -
Q:    Did you ever share private keys with Dave?
A::    I do not share private keys with my wife.

From: Dave Kleiman      
To: Craig Wright
Date: Oct. 31, 2012

The keys are setup in the TrueCrypt Drive on the main server at http://www.seyhost.com/.

The backups are with http://www.netcetera.co.uk/ in both the UK and as a third in the Isle of Mann.

This email shows Craig and Dave sharing private keys yet at trial I was accussd of deleting Dave's.


Craig Wright deposition -

Q.    Did Dave ever provide you with public addresses that he controlled.
A:    One.
Q.    Which one.
A.     I do not remember.
Q.    Why did he provide it to you?
A.     It was for testing.
(pg. 206)
**Craig admits to obtaining control of Dave's bitcoin.

Craig Wright email -

Yes "the addresses are in my control now as a matter of fate and other circumstances.  David Reese and David Kleiman have both been essential parts of this project".


Craig Wright deposition -
Q.     Dr. Wright, did you and Dave ever put assets into the same trust?
A.     Dave has never had anything to do with any assets that I have owned, other than Coin-Exch.  The only company that Dave ever had shares for was Coin-Exch and that only occurred because I honoured a promise even though it turns out that the person I thought Dave was different and that he never completed any task nor had anything that he promised to do.
**see contradictions below.

Craig Interview -
55:40 min mark - Craig says...
“Dave and I sort of did work together but Dave completed many things that I wouldn't have completed.”

Craig’s Attorney:  "It is Dr. Wright’s position, your Honor, that Dave Kleiman assisted in editing the protocol related to Bitcoin"
Page 5


Craig Wright deposition -
Q.   Did anyone else have access to the Satoshi account on Bitcoin.com?
Q.   Sorry, Bitcointalk, is it?
A.   Bitcointalk. Yes.
Q.   Who else had access?
A.   Dave.
Q.   When did Dave have access to the Satoshi account?
A.   The exact set-up time, I do not remember, but we stopped using it in December 2010.
(pg. 133)


From: Kimon Andreou
To: Ira
May 17, 2016

"with the addition of the anecdotal information we have from discussions with Dave, all point to Dave and Craig indeed being behind Bitcoin."

"I am convinced Craig and Dave are the co-creators of Bitcoin."


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