Craig Wright Forgery Admission about Tulip Trust

Sept. 14, 2022 - Trial in Norway
2 hours and 47 minutes into the questioning, Craig Wright was questioned about an alleged Tulip Trust document.

Attorney: “So if you look at page 285 it says in the middle three paragraphs down from “I acknowledge… All Bitcoin will be returned to Dr Wright on January 1st 2020”. Is this what she’s talking about or…”

Wright: “No, it’s not, this was set up the day before, uhm, if you read it, it’s written terribly, uhm…”

Attorney: “Is this something you wrote the day before you set up the actual trust is that what you’re saying?”

Wright: “Uhm, before I started setting up the actual trust, yes, it took a little while because of corporate processes. When I wrote this I was totally drunk.”

Attorney: “So you have written this?”

Wright:Yes, I was completely drunk, I drank three bottles of wine. I’d just been served with a bankruptcy notice.”

Attorney: “Okay, because it’s, it seems to be sort of sent from David Kleiman if you look at page 286

[ 15 Looong seconds of awkward silence ]

Attorney: “As you’re saying that you wrote this when you were terribly drunk?”

Wright:Yes I did.”

Attorney: “Okay.”


Craig claims Dave was never a trustee of the Tulip Trust

Craig says...
" Uyen has never been a trustee. David Kleiman has never been a trustee."


Craig Wright Sworn Declaration – May 18, 2019
Dave and Uyen are listed as Trustees of the Trust. pg. 2


Baker and McKenzie document – Nov. 27, 2015
“Tulip Trading was established in 2011. Tulip Trust was a blind trust planned in 2011 and set up by Dave Kleiman under in 2012 Tulip Trading.”
pg. 215


Numerous emails that mention Dave as trustee.


Judge: Excuse me, you said that David Kleiman was never a trustee, does that mean that you are arguing that this document is forged or

Wright: I'm saying that this document has, I mean, uh... this page has nothing to do with any of my trusts, no.