Sept. 11, 2023 - Judge Reinhart released his findings about Form 1.977

Given the Judge's prior experience with Craig's deliberate obstruction, I was surprised by his lenient findings this time.

He wrote...
"W&K has not shown by clear and convincing evidence that the information provided by Dr. Wright is currently inaccurate. Nor has W&K shown that required information was omitted from the Form"

Even though Craig's attorneys conceded that Dr. Wright omitted required information such as Alimony payments, the Judge didn't hold him accountable for it. Unless the court sanctions him with a serious penalty he has no reason to stop playing games.

When it comes to the Judge's comments about pursuing discovery, I completely agree. He wrote: "These findings are without prejudice to W&K seeking additional discovery in aid of execution, as permitted by law."

W&K Software
There hasn't been any discovery into this asset. 2-years have passed since Craig testified about it.

Nov, 15, 2021 - Craig Wright Trial Testimony:
"W&K had the rights and still has the rights to go out there and use that software to build an exchange. They could build something like Coin Base or Kraken. They could have a cryptocurrency exchange. Coin Base which my software was better than even the unimproved stuff is now worth about a hundred billion US dollars." 
Pg. 36

"The simple answer here is all of the intellectual property that Dave improved remains with W&K. All of the things he got external parties to work on, not himself, remains with W&K. It was never taken from it. It's still there. It can still be taken and exploited by Ira if he wants." 
Pg. 85

"If he wants, every single bit of that software is there right now. He could take it. He could try and build something."   
pg. 79

"W&K owned every single right, and it still does today.  He can take and exploit the software TODAY."     
pg. 78

*Not only did Craig lie about the softwore to me, he also lied to the judge and jury. If there was any truth to his testimony the software would have been returned by now. Why he hasn't been compelled to turn it over is a really good question.


My thoughts on where Craig failed to comply with Form 1.977

1.  Inconsistent answers about bank accounts.
At first, Craig claimed not to have any bank accounts in his name.

Then he submitted a revised form and changed his answer to "I also am a titled co-account holder at NatWest."
2021-2022 tax filings reveal the bank account is listed under his name.

2.  Craig completely omitted answering the question about Alimony payments. His his ex-wife, Lynn testified in 2020 that he pays her 5 to 6 thousand a month. At the evidentiary hearing Craig's attorney even conceded that this was an omission.

3.  How can living expenses be more than double his employment earnings if they are his only source of income? His attorneys argue that perhaps someone gifted him the extra money.

4.  Requirement to list all financial accounts, which would include those used for buying, selling, and holding Bitcoin. None were reported.
On the bottom of the form, Craig states:
"All other assets were formally transferred, including rights and ongoing payments as of October 2015."
This doesn't appear true because Craig provided a witness statement in 2021 where he mentioned receiving ongoing monthly payments in digital assets as late as Feb. 2020. <see below>

Here is Craig's Witness Statement - April 29, 2021
"At approximately 12.30pm on Saturday 8 February 2020, I accessed an Electrum Bitcoin Wallet (the “Electrum Wallet”) of mine, which contained Bitcoin belonging to my wife and me, which was different to and separate from the digital assets in the 1Feex and 12ib7 Addresses. I did this to check that I had received a regular monthly payment in digital assets. Upon doing this, I observed that the expected payment had been received"
pg. 15 -  paragraph 51
*Craig failed to list the account where these monthly payments in digital assets were received.

Craig also contradicts the argument about him not having any insight or access to his wifes finances. Affidavit of Ramona Ang (“Craig and I keep our finances separate. As far as I am aware, Craig does not know the details of my financial affairs.”) But Craig's sworn statement said otherwise. He claimed to control a wallet holding Bitcoin belonging to both him and his wife. Plus there are records showing that Craig and Ramona held a joint account at Lloyds Bank.

5.  More evidence about personally holding Bitcoin related accounts.
Craig's Witness Statement:
40.  “I decided to sell all of the airdropped Bitcoin Core we had received on the Kraken exchange towards the end of August 2017. We did this for our personal holdings.”
59.  “I actively sell bitcoin using multiple exchanges even to this day.”
( July 3, 2020 )
60.  “I also have accounts with Kraken. SimpleFX, OKEX and FloatSV. All of these allow me to trade bitcoin if I so wish. I have used Kraken continuously in selling bitcoin to pay bills since I have been in the UK.” pg. 16-17

6.  There is a requirement to list shares held in companies.
The law does not distinguish between direct and indirect ownership of shares. If a debtor has the ability to control the shares, whether through direct ownership or through a trust that they control, they are required to disclose them on Form 1.977.

Craig claims that the Tulip Trust is a Living Assignment trust that contains assets which he doesn't control, but that's not actually true. The trustee and beneficiary of the trust is his wife Ramona who is obviously not a independent or impartial party.

According to the lawsuit filed against me by his wife Ramona, Craig Wright R&D aka Craig Wright holds shares in W&K. Why wasn't it disclosed on Form 1.977?

Another company he has an interest in is Wright International Investments which holds shares in the UK version Wright International Investments UK Ltd.

Also Nchain and TAAL which he established with Calvin Ayre.

Strassen Limited is wholly owned by Dr Wright and his wife, Ms Ramona Ang.

April 2019 - Craig's deposition testimony::
"At the end of the day, I own nothing. I do not own a single share in any company that I know of, I do not own a single disposition of a trust that I know of.   I have no ownership of anything, which is what you are trying to get at."

*Three months before Craig gave this testimony, his company Wright International received 50,000 shares in Squire Mining.

Jan 21,2019 - Wright International is granted 50,000 shares in Calvins company Squire Mining. And this company is wholly owned by Craig.

Options Granted Jan. 21, 2019

7.  Craig was required to include his drivers license number and Tax ID number. Initially he didn't comply. His attorneys may argue that he left it blank due to his Aspergers, but that excuse doesn't really hold up because he had a team of attorneys who could have easily reviewed the form before submitting it.

8. He was required to list his Home phone and Business phone, but he claims to no longer have phones or at least not ones in his name.

9.  Craig was required to list his Home address and Business address. He initially failed to list either.

10.  Craig was required to list any party that owes him money. but Instead of listing Calvin Ayre's TAAL company that contractually owes him $7 million dollars, he thought it was more entertaining to claim that I personally owe him $10 billion dollars.

Below is an AUTHENTIC public business record (Form 10) that hopefully the Judge will not dismiss as hearsay or inauthentic. It was submitted by the President of the TAAL company to the Canadian Securities Commission.

On December 17, 2020, the Issuer entered into a loan agreement (the “Note”) with Wright International Investments Ltd. (the “Lender”),
The Lender is wholly-owned by Craig Wright, an advisor to the Company.
TAAL may repay the Lender at any time without penalty. - Verifiably Authentic
(In the Search profile field type in TAAL)
(In the From date enter 18/12/2020)
(In the To date enter 18/12/2020)
click Search and a 65kb PDF file appears

In addition to Form 10 that was filed with the CSE, there were multiple press releases that support it's authenticity. One of the announcements was presented directly on the TAAL corporate website.
They state that Wright International which is wholly owned by Craig loaned $7 million to Calvin Ayre's company TAAL (formerly known as Squire Mining)


11.  During the trial, Craig adamantly testified that W&K IP existed as valuable software, and insisted that I had the rights to utilize and build upon it. But now in a Forbes article, he completely walks that testimony back and states that he personally controls the W&K IP because it exists only in his mind. Knowing Craig, he will also claim that none of this mind blowing IP found its way into the thousands of patents he filed through Nchain. This is a perfect example of the fraud that the Kleiman family has been dealing with for the past 10 years. Dr. Wright will change his story whenever it best suits him. During the trial, he deceived the judge and jury by suggesting that billion dollar software could be returned to the estate. However, now that the trial is over, he wants to completely retract that statement.

12.  If Craig had appeared for the evidentiary hearing I would have liked to see him questioned about the W&K IP which he now says is an asset that he personally controls. Should it have been listed on the form? And why does the IP no longer exist as tangible software as he claimed at trial?

Catch Me If You Can
It is obvious that Craig has conspired with others to make himself appear immune to legal judgments. The following are some of his online statements that mock the US justice system and creditors:

6-29-????:    “A US Court cannot force diddly”.

5-30-2019:   “I am Antiguan”.

11-3-2021:   “Have fun. There is nothing on this earth in my name from mid 2015 on, and even then little after 2011”.

1-10-2022:   “In the fact of the matter is, I don’t own any BTC. […] assets are held in companies and trusts where I hold assets.”

2-27-2022:   “I've made myself untouchable. If you bankrupt me, nothing happens. I keep leading and I keep building because nothing is in my name."   pg. 33

7-26-2022:   "If a person would spend 4 million to receive a dollar plus and 2 million costs... So the other side is bankrupt... What would you think?" "Ie. The only thing that matters is crushing the other side" "Well. I would spend 4 million to make an enemy pay 1.

8-26-2022:   “Technically, I control none of the assets”.

8-26-2022:   “[...] I was ordered to give a list of all coins I control. That is easy, nothing. I have very little in my name”.