Admission of holding Software taken from W&K and Coin-Exch

Oct. 5, 2022 - Stefan Matthews, CEO of Nchain - Norway Trial

Attorney:   How did you come up with the 1.5 million dollars for the purchase of the IP?

Stefan:   It was um, it was based on the overall, we've took an overall value of what we were prepared to put into a deal which was around about 15 million and then broke it down into its um component parts.

Attorney:   This has nothing to do with the actual value of the IP of the companies?

Stefan:   Well we couldn't determine that um at the time but we certainly did in the following six months with Baker McKenzie and 16 lawyers.

Attorney:   The purchase price didn't change no?

Stefan:   No, we split the purchase price up though between the various entities within the group

Attorney:   Were you aware that what this IP had been purchased for during the previous years?

Stefan:   I don't think I understand the question.

Attorney:   Did you know how much the company paid for this IP?

Stefan: I know what had been invested in research programs.

Attorney:   Part of the IP is software from Al Baraka bank isnt it and Siemens, that's part of the software?

Stefan:   Within DeMorgan group, yes those two software components were part of the assets of the DeMorgan group but just because those assets um form part of the DeMorgan group doesn't mean that us as an investor or acquirer would value those on what their what the purchase price of them was.

Attorney:   They were purchased for over value in your opinion?

Stefan:   I'm not forming an opinion on that, but I can tell you that neither of those two pieces of software have been used in any way shape or form by Nchain at any stage.

Attorney:   Has any of the other IP been used?

Stefan:   Some, very little actually, but some.


April 23, 2014 - Craig Wright email to Ira
"Dave and I arranged for the sale of around 500,000 BTC so that we could have access to core banking software."
Assets such as software owed to the estate or W&K should have been produced during discovery. It never was.


Did Craig forget to tell Calvin about the valuable Banking software?
Nov. 4, 2019 - Calvin Ayre passes on buying Dave Kleiman estate
After deliberately wasting months of the estates time in settlement discussions, "Ayre’s attorneys concluded that the only IP on which Kleiman collaborated with Wright was the original Bitcoin code, which was released to the world as open source software in 2009."
*It appears this good faith settlement wasn't so good or faithful after all. 2-years after Calvin allegedly determined that I didn't have rights to any software of value, Craig then testified at trial that I did.

Craig also testified that Dave assisted in sourcing the Bitcoin bank software.


Nov. 15, 2021 - Miami Trial testimony

Craig Wright:   we paid for source code and -- that's why there's 140 years' worth of coding, because the Saudi bank had thousands of staff. And we paid a lot to get that source code so that we could modify it to make a Bitcoin bank. So that's what we're talking about.
pg. 43, line 24

Craig Wright:   So because I was involving Dave, yeah, I called it W&K ID. I'm getting tongue-tied there. And that's where we source -- like Dave helped me source the things.
pg. 47, line 11

Attorney:   And on the right in your email to Ira Kleiman you say: "Dave Kleiman took two
million lines of code that had in 2010, and transformed these into a documented set of over six million lines of code." Does "transform" mean "buy" to you, Dr. Wright?

Craig Wright:   Yes. Actually, when you put all that together, this is not one program. We're not talking about a program. And as it says on the document there, the way that it works is W&K to me, international, no GST, like I claimed. And then me, my trust,
to the company, GST.
pg. 48, line 5

Attorney:   You sold all the intellectual property held by these companies, including the intellectual property that could expose Satoshi Nakamoto and core blockchain IP, correct?

Craig Wright:   As I've been saying, yes, I sold the banking software. I sold the exchange software. I hoped those companies would keep building what I wanted to build. They haven't. I'm still trying to convince people of that. I'm still working with other companies to try and do it.
pg. 101, line 18


Nov, 15, 2021 - Craig Wright Trial Testimony:
"W&K had the rights and still has the rights to go out there and use that software to build an exchange. They could build something like Coin Base or Kraken. They could have a cryptocurrency exchange. Coin Base which my software was better than even the unimproved stuff is now worth about a hundred billion US dollars." 
Pg. 36

"The simple answer here is all of the intellectual property that Dave improved remains with W&K. All of the things he got external parties to work on, not himself, remains with W&K. It was never taken from it. It's still there. It can still be taken and exploited by Ira if he wants." 
Pg. 85

"If he wants, every single bit of that software is there right now. He could take it. He could try and build something." 
pg. 79

"W&K owned every single right, and it still does today.  He can take and exploit the software TODAY."     
pg. 78
*After 2 years, the software still hasn't been returned.